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First they require up front payment, We have been in business for 30 years and never encountered that before. We made the mistake of trying to use them to repair. The part was not fixed, our techs could not find any evidence that the part was even opened. We ended up buying one from the dealer to fix the customers car. We are now out over 250 that we paid this rip off business. Don't use these... Read more

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Sent my ECM in to be "repaired". They said the damage was too extensive and it had to be rebuilt. When I called a week later to check on the status of the "rebuilt" part, he said they had not finished working on it yet. They were using my ECM--why didn't they fix it if was repairable? After two weeks, I finally got my old ECM back, and it did not work. They will not return my calls or respond to... Read more

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Dealt with Andy, VERY, VERY RUDE! Don not trust these people We sent these guys a module to be repaired, after 3 long weeks, they returned it saying it has been extensively repaired. Module still does not work, they charged us over $300 and when we asked for a refund, all Andy could say is no refunds. This so called company has very poor customer service, and VERY poor workmanship, Andy was... Read more

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we had a PCM go out, called them asked them if we could get one from a junk yard and have them flash it. asked them if the one we got would work they assured us it would and said it had a lifetime warranty....a life-time....warranty.... NOT TRUE, so we got the pcm went and installed it it didn't work it had issues from the get go, miss fires dumping excess fuel, check engine light, could not... Read more

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box) found it was damaged, our night nightmare came true, now we have to deal with this unpleasant dilemma, all we wanted was our original unit to be fixed and thought we made the right choice, but instead we are in the pickles, these people want no responsibility of the damage, blaming it to the postal service and Us.hopefully they will do the right thing that is to honor their standards, as of... Read more

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Absolutely rude people. I called to ask a question, they informed me they would call me back. Never called back so I called them back to check on my question. I was met with a rude person saying of course we can do that why wouldn't we be able to. So then he pushed me to order it, I told him I had to check the part to make sure I'm giving you the correct item number. He said "well why did you... Read more

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I sent in a Saturn Vue BCM. I was told they could fix it for $195.00 I was contacted back by Chris, and was told at that point, the computer inside it was bad, and they could not fix it, but he could sell me a new one for an additional $225. After talking with him I refused to have them do any more work, and asked for my BCM to be returned. I was told they would charge me the diagnostic fee, and... Read more

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I contracted this merchant to repair my PCM on a 2002 Mustang V6. I'm writing this for a few reasons. First I hope to steer future consumers far away from this rip off. Secondly, this company proudly boasts an A rating with the BBB. Their service falls well short of that rating. I'm skeptical when it comes to things like this and should have followed my gut feel on this. I called AES back in Oct... Read more

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We sent our ECM part into American Electronic Solutions from our 1992 Corvette for repair. They received the part on November 7, 2012, which they claimed would only take about l week for repair. On November 14th I was told by J.L. Williams that our part was sent to their Corvette specialists and we should have the part back in about 3 to 4 days. On November 20,2012, I contacted J.L. Williams and... Read more

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Horrible on all counts pretty much describes this place to a tee. There customer service couldnt be worse. Took them a week to tell me the computer they had just rebuilt the week before was bad, and when I asked about a warrenty the basically laughed in my face. It has been 2 weeks since then I told them to send my computer Back and I have yet to hear anything from them nor have I been able to... Read more

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